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Hello!  I’m so glad you’re here.  I’m Lisa; Ohio native, military spouse, mom of 2 little ones, writer, coffee-drinker, list-maker, Jesus-lover, and photographer.  I have been interested in cameras and photography since I was about four or five years old, always with a new camera to learn or a roll of film to be developed (yes – FILM!). 

As an adult, my lifelong love for photography manifested itself into a business in North Carolina in 2010. I took a few college courses in photography, read a stack of books, and learned mostly through experience and practice. 

We have really little kids and we move a lot, and photography fits our lifestyle and feeds my passion. 


I am natural light photographer. I shoot mostly outdoors and often with no other light sources than what the good Lord has provided. I don’t use fancy flash systems or reflectors. I do use a fancy camera, which I am crazy about. If you’re curious, I’m a Nikon girl when it comes to DSLR. I use digital photo-editing software (Adobe programs) to touch up my work, only as necessary.

I am very relaxed. A typical shoot would look like me asking you and your family to get comfortable, and then I would make minor adjustments to how each of you are sitting or standing. I aim to capture your family in the very natural and special moments that make up life. 

I like to provide a fabulous collection of photos that are hard to choose among to put in a frame; the photos you will go back and look through again and again, the ones you will want to share with everybody. My goal is to feel personality beaming through every picture!

 May 2016

May 2016