Bucket Filling

 Crown Point Shores - Mission Bay

Crown Point Shores - Mission Bay

Joy.  Last week was filled to the brim with good stuff; so much that I’m quite humbled by life right now.  And Thursday.  Oh Thursday!  Simply put, it was abundant. 

My daughter had her first school valentine exchange.  With each card or candy she pulled out of her bag, she was gratefully commenting on how beautiful they were, on how yummy the candy would be, and how “they must know I like Frozen!”  Her whole face was lit up in complete bliss; a full bucket.  My heart wanted to explode.

Thursday is also MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) day for me.  The women, the food, the fellowship, the mentors, the speakers…MOPS has got it going on, if we truly want to talk about bucket-filling.  I’ve only known these women for 3 weeks, but they’ve already influenced my life in a big way.

And then Saturday came along.  Saturday = also abundant.  I spent the morning with two women from MOPS, taking photos of their families.  From the quiet, cozy calm of a newborn home to a sunny bayside shoreline, emotion came gushing out of these photos.  Ladies, I must confess that I claimed you as “my people” in a conversation later that day.  God continues to bless my life with the cream of the crop, no matter where our military lives take us.  Thanks for letting His light shine through you!  It is a blessing to call you friends.

Note about the references in this post:  Carol McCloud has written several versions of bucket filling books for kids at different ages and stages.  My great aunt blessed my children with this book about a year ago and the concept of bucket filling has become part of regular conversation and teaching in our home.  I would highly recommend her book(s)!