A few things happening this week.....

I'm loving how March is shaping up!  I have so much catching up to do with photo processing, and I'm happily seated in a windowed corner of Starbucks right now to do it.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to take your family photos.  As I go through these, my heart is happy.  Truly, it is an honor (and so much fun) to freeze-frame the ages and stages of so many wonderful people!

Next, I have been on the search for a reasonably-priced logo design/designer.  I know it takes work and lots of time and tons of talent, so it's worth the price point.  I just haven't been particularly struck by anything I've seen.  My husband casually suggested that I try to make it, myself.  After playing around a bit with different fonts and styles, I came up with this:

And I LOVE IT.  It's pretty much exactly what I had in mind.  To have a man in my life who has ideas without boundaries has served me well.  This is such a small example of what he's offered as a best friend and hubs.  Our best memories are his crazy ideas, and sometimes our most productive moments are a result of that same no-impossibles mindset.

In wrapping up this gratitude post, I think about the weeks to come with more lovely families in front of my camera.  Again, thank you.  You are the heart of it all! 

Now I'm off to plaster my new logo on everything :)