I sat down this evening in a room of open windows, dimming gradually with the setting sun.  Loving this moment, it's so clear what my blog post should bring you this week.  There are two photos that I keep coming back to and here I am, revisiting them again even though the tiny humans in the pictures are playing and living right in front of me, right along with me.  


These kids.  We spend our days together.  Any hour that they wake in the night, they know I'm here.  I get to be the first to greet their sweet faces every morning.  I'm their mama; the one they make bead necklaces for, the person they want when they are in pain, the lady who can fix anything. 

I know it all sounds dreamy and unrealistic, so know that my kids do try me.  They are emotional and demanding.  They are a lot of work.  In the face of it all, I am happy and honored to be the worker, because the Maker blessed me with these two lovely, tiny (for now) humans to raise up for His glory.

So Happy Easter (a few days late) from my littles and me.  May the light of Christ shine through you and yours!